2000 ezgo gas


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riding the other day for about 15 min and the battery started smoken and smelt really bad,the generater was really hot to.any ideas what could cause this .thanks


It coule be a few things.

First be careful around a smoking battery!!!

Was it the battery or a cable smoking. If it was the battery my guess would be a bad voltage regulator. If it was a cable it the may just need to be cleaned.
My first guess would be the regulator! Check it out.... run the cart in neutral and check the voltage, if its over 15v be carefull!!! That is way to much!! You should be 15v max coming off of the batt when the cart is running.


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i would check it soon, if the regulator is bad it won't be long and the ignitor will burn out! that little fella is over a 100.00


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good point
i'm starting to think maybe mine is faulty also
my Wife says i smell like that all the time


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i had a battery blow up and take out the radiator on a fairway mower, very scarry.
i would take the batt out and replace it with another 12v. wouldnt trust the one in there. definetly check ALL conecttion! just might be bad connection, as radical said check the voltage output