2000 Ez-Go no power


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I need help I have a 200 Ezgo with a robin engine, it starts and sounds good, has great compression but dribbles gas out the front of the carb, after a few minutes of riding it dribbles a few ounces of fuel into the airfilter.
It has absolutely no power, wont pull a small incline and will only go around 10 mph.
The governor is turned up and the clutches seem to be working fine.


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sounds like you may have some valves that need adjusting the intakes will tighten up on these engines fairly often. i would also make sure the carb. is adjusted and cleaned properly and let us know how it goes have other possibilites also.


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yes, sounds like the valves need to be adjust, pull the vacuum line off of the fuel pump and blow into it, you might find that it has collected some oil, this will rejuvinate the fuel pump vacuum