2000+ ez-go Carb.


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I have a 2000 + ez-go that takes forever to start, the values are set at .004 (just checked) the battery has a full good charge and the only way to get it to start is pull the choke, let it crank and then it will spit and sputter and go, after that its seems to be ok until it sits for awhile. SO, if its the carb is there a rebuilt kit and is their instructions on how to do it?


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i think if it was a carb problem it would have issues when it was running also, have you checked the compression? anything under a 140lbs and they start hard


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'00, get used to it. Nature of the beast. Ya gotta choke the chit outta them.

It was only a few years ago that EZGO got it right.


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Thanks, will do a compression test as the cart runs fine after it starts and I agree about them figuring it out the past couple of years.