2000 Club Car Life Expectancy


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Hello All, Excited to join the forum. We just purchased a 2000 electric club car in great shape, refurbished, new batteries. What is the life expectancy on a 20 year old cart (refurbished)? It seems, through reading these forums, they can last as long as you properly maintain them. Due to Covid pricing, had to pay a little more for it and just want to make sure it's something that could last 5+ more years if taken care of. Thanks!!


Hi and welcome to Cartaholics. As long as proper maintenance is done you will have no problem getting many more years out of your 2000 Club Car. Any parts you may need in the future are available form many sources so finding parts if/when needed won't be a problem. If the new batteries are a decent brand you should get 5+ years out of them without any trouble if maintained properly. :twocents: