2000 club car 48 volts wont run


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2000 club car won't move


Help please I have tested motor it will run when it has been hot wired batteries are fully charged 49 volts solenoid was working but stopes clicking 48 volts on both big post as well as both small post I have rebooted OBC but don't know what to do next


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I am just as new as you are here. I have the 99 Club car that won't run. There must be a virus like computers get running around

I think your battery voltage is low. Mine shows 50V at that solenoid lug. If your charger shuts off like it's fully charged maybe you could try somebody else's charger if you can.
You also need to check each battery for voltage separately. Maybe you have one bad battery.
These are the things I have learned here by reading what's already been posted. Good luck!