20 HP V-twin


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Going to look at a 20 HP Vanguard engine today. It comes with a free White garden tractor that needs a hydrostatic trans. It's supposed to be a side shaft and in very good shape. I don't really need a new motor, but for $400.00 it will be hard to pass up. Is anyone interested in it, if I don't want it?


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PM Gary and let him know. I bet he will be all over it.

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Ya, that's a good idea. And your only on Ohio right? I don't think your too far away from me and Gary. (If I'm thinkin it's you that lives in OH.)


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so your looking to buy a honda, i may be able to set ya up. what are you lookin' for, new, used? what ya puttin' it in.


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well i was looking for a vanguard i have a 16hp vanguard v-twin in my 97 yamaha G16 golf cart but looking for a 20hp vanguard or bigger

once i do find one ill be selling my 16hp v-twin