2 Stroke or 4 Stroke Golf Cart Engine Preferred


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I am looking to purchase a golf cart as a pit and paddock cart for our race car team - a small father and son team. Some friends have electric and have recurrent issues with keeping the batteries charged, depending the track, and where we are parked in the paddock as it relates to the pits, fuel etc.
I was going to take a look at an Older Club Car tomorrow, and a friend asked me if it is 2 stroke or 4 stroke. I have no idea, and will ask tomorrow when I see the cart.
The questions are:
1) Which is the preferred golf cart engine, a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke?
2) Why one engine over the other?
3) What should I be looking out for when inspecting the cart?

Thank you for any and all responses, sort of a long question for a first post!


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If your going to buy a Club Car gas golf cart get one newer than a 1992 as any before that parts are gonna be almost impossible to get and when you do find them they aren't cheap.


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All newer carts are 4 strokes anyways, which is good as 2 strokes seem a bit underpowered. The 2 stroke carts were Yamaha G-1, older EZGO Marathons and I believe all 3 wheeled carts. Parts are getting harder to get for 2 strokes too. Stay with a newer cart either a Club Car DS or an EZ-GO TXT and you cant go wrong. Try and stay with at least a 2000 model year as well. Older Club Cars (pre-92) had the old flathead fz340/kf82 which is a boat anchor compared to the OHV FE290 engine.