2 stroke motor ???


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I have a 1990 ezgo with a good motor and am looking at a 1985 ezgo with a bad motor I know the motors are turned different (one the clutch runs front to back in the cart and the other runs side to side in the cart) but could I swap the motors or are they totally diferent. I am very mechanically inclined(my spelling sucks but I can spin a wrench) I am just trying to get some info before I buy this other cart. Thanks


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i don,t know if you can even swap them but if you can you,ll need to swap rear ends and than some other modifications for sure...........just off the top of my head i don,t think you can but i could be wrong...........................


Unfortunately, you can not swap those two engines.

The engine mounting is done differently for both, and as a result neither will mount to the other's cradle.

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