1st cart...1st post!


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Hello all!
I've been in the market for a cart for quite some time, and finally picked up a nice, clean '99. I'll first tell you what I want out of my experience with the machine, then ask the questions that are on my mind, and hopefully, your experience can help a cart-virgin!

I live in an area where there are lots of carts, and their use is the norm. I don't need the flashiest, but would like to have a machine that moves along pretty well, and hopefully with 4 people at times. Not a lot of terrain or hills to deal with around home, but snow will definitely be an obstacle for a few months of the year. (and we WILL use the cart when it's 10 at times!)

From October thru New Years, the second home for this beat will be bowcamp. It might be 80 and dusty, wet and muddy, or again, snowy. Clearance will be an issue that sometimes a pickup struggles with (the biggest factor for going to a cart is the damage a truck can do to some properties when it gets wet out) Some light hills may be an issue, and 3 adults are the likely crew.

First off, coming straight from the golf course, what can I do to ensure the cart is running it's best, without stretching it's limits. Right now, all is stock. I'm fiddling with the governor, and have a new filter, oil, etc. What else should I look at?

Second, is the belt. Years of snowmobile tinkering has me looking at the belt and clutch with disappointment. I can grasp the belt, between the clutches and squeeze it so it touches in between, with ease. Just seems too long, too loose. You tell me, is it? It's a standard EZGO Dayco belt. Not really looking to spend a pile of cash on a fancy clutch...yet. : )

Third, is accessories. I'm looking to do a 4 or 5 inch lift, probably a drop axle (or is a spindle better?) 22X10X10 tires look nice, and seemingly affordable enough to pull off. Does this setup sound feasible for the demands listed above?

Anything else that I might be overlooking? I'm thinking for $600 or so, I should be able to get this where I need it, then look for more fun stuff next year if things are looking bright.

Thanks all for any input!


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lift kit is about 300, and a standard cart will hold you and 2 buddys with gear just fine, adjust governer in about 1/4" - 3/8" in, should perk it up a little to get you up hillls. adjust valves at .006 exhaust and intake.
the belt sounds fine unless it is worn. and with the bigger tires it will up your speed, but lower your torque, there are agressive enough tires out there in the standard 18/8.50-8 to get you through the woods..
good hunting