1999 G19E Wont Run


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So, I just bought a 1999 G19E 48V golf cart and put brand new batteries in it. The previous owner said it was running 2 years ago but has sat (with no batteries in it) since then. When the batteries were connected the cart made a steady beeping noise but other than that nothing and it didn't sound like the motor was even trying to move. I am in the process of removing all the wires and connections and cleaning them, seeing if maybe that is the problem. Any ideas?


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Ya so with batteries connected after cleaning and tightening all connections, no noise whatsoever from anything. I'm trying to put as little money as possible into this but I still want it to run. Any suggestions or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated since I have no idea what I'm doing.


What type of speed controller does it have?

Does the back up buzzer work? That tells you that you have control power and the batteries are wired properly. If not check fuses and get a wire diagram.

If it has an original yamaha controller it has most likely failed. These were junk back in the day and I have repaired them (irfz44 mosfets burn up).

If it has a curtis controller you have a fair chance at getting this thing running.

Yamaha says to check the controller you first check all of the input sensors to the controller.
If those all check out than change the controller.

These are easy to mis-wire so check your wire routing.

Also check the sensor for the charge receptacle. If the charger is plugged into the cart the cart will be dead as to not rip out the cord from the charger. These have been known to fail in yamaha carts as well as other brands.