1999 EZGO Slipping Wheels Not Turning


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I have replaced the hub /drum on both sides (back) on my 1999 EZGO even though the splines on the hubs were not worn down. The cart is still slipping (wheels not turning) The hubs and the axle splines are sharp and mesh well. I was told by every cart mechanic that it had to be the hub splines, since they were softer than the axle and always stripped out causing the problem I described of the slipping with two people and sometimes with one person on inclines.
Today I went back and pulled the hub/drums on both sides and then put them back on because I could not see a problem with the mesh of the spline on the axle and hub.
I rode by myself and played 18 holes and never had a slip, just like before when I replaced the hubs and later had the same slipping problem a few days later with two people and one person on an inclinebut no slipping today.
What about the differential gears?

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Although rare, it is the output shaft in the differential and the coupler on the motor.

I've only had this twice, when it slips sometimes. Replace both those parts and your good to go.


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Thank you for the information. I have been able to look up the motor coupler but I can't find the differential output shaft.


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BU lists a 21 and a 22 tooth shaft.
Call them and they might be able to narrow it dowm by VIN.
21 tooth: 4834
22 tooth: 5062
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Do you have a sketch drawing or instructions that would assist me in repair/replace the output shaft and the motor coupler.

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Remove the motor, the output shaft is what the motor slides onto.

There is a C clip retainer, remove that clip, and pull out the output shaft.

You can then count the teeth and that will tell you if you have a 21 or 22, and then order the right part. You can't go by vehicle vin for this info. However, you can go by the Differential number on top of the rearend.

It is easier to just pull it apart and count the teeth.