1999 EZGO Robin EH29G No Spark


I am planning on replacing the ignitor on my 1999 EZGO gas cart. I have heard that I should not get an aftermarket ignitor and only OEM can be trusted. I haven’t been able to find an OEM ignitor. The aftermarket ignitors I have found at a Golf Cart Supply are about $100, or I can get one on EBay for about $20. Anybody have any ideas where I can get an ignitor I can Trust at a fair price?
While I am asking questions: One wire from the existing ignitor broke off and I had to solder in a bypass. If I get a new ignitor, I would like to replace the matching plug. Anybody know where I might find this?


Hey rbdaves, I think the $100 is probably the exact same thing as the $20. My thinking is they just mark it up to trick people into thinking you are getting a better product. All the aftermarkets ones I have are in a box at my shop. Some lasted longer than others but in the end they are all china junk. The problem is no OEM's left out there unless you get lucky,

I might have the connector you need on a junked out cart at my shop. I can check when I go there if you want ?

If it were me I might take a chance on the cheaper ignitor if no OEM is available. I have actually thought of buying one just to see if it fires on a running cart I have.


Hello Tomd. I want to do a bit more testing on that plug before I bother you, although it would be good to know if you have one.

My original problem was an engine that would not start from time-to-time and began to clatter and I had to replace it.

Before it broke, It would run for a few minutes and I was able to drive a short distance and park. I had to let it sit for awhile and then could get it started, but It finally refused to start at all.
(Note: The carb was replaced by a golf cart shop in Feb. ‘20 and the coil was replaced by the same shop in ‘21.)

I installed a new engine, got it started and was able to drive around for awhile one day, but the next day it wouldn’t start, just like the old engine.

I’ve checked the pulsar and coil, and they check out according to the repair manual I’m using. I tested the coil inline to see if voltage was getting to the coil + wire and it was. I’ve wiggled wires, checked ground and continuity, tested Pulsar and coil and everything except ignitor checks out. Couldn’t test the ignitor. The only thing I can guess is that the ignitor may have an intermittent problem and doesn’t send a “fire” signal to the coil.

I don’t know what to do other than purchase a new ignitor. I’ll probably buy two of them, since they were made in China.