1999 EZGO Gear Ratio Change?

Jim Nunnally

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I have a 99 EZ go that I use for a hunting. I have built my own lift kits about 3 1/2 inches. I have atv tires on stock rims. It changed my low end torque some. It still does very good but I worry about what will burn out first by lugging it around carrying around two big guys and climbing long steep grades. My motor gets very hot. somtimes I have to let it cool down before it will pull the hill.
I would like to change my gear ratio in the rear end. The rear end has a cover that will come off. I don't care about speed a crawl is fine.
Am I correct in thinking that a lower gear ratio will be better, and keep things cooler? You all tell me please, what is the best things to do?


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
you dont need a gear change you need to upgrade motor and controller and battery cables

they already have a low gear of 12.44 to 1


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IMO it depends on your own circumstances and demands.
Although I agree with MrWicked, a 15:1 rear axle change from 12.44:1 will reduce your speed and increase your torque by 20%.
Even if you did the rear axle, you may still need a motor, controller and cable upgrade.

Jim Nunnally

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I guess I forgot to say that I am new to golf carts. I am a mechanic though. I understand about the motor, cable and controller upgrades. I just don't know particulars on what to buy or where to buy it. Can someone give me some suggestions?