1998 G19 Electric Wiring Diagram needed


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Does anybody have a wiring diagram for a 1998 G19 Electric cart, and can you please post it to the forum page where the rest of them are? I could also use a troubleshooting guide for a no run problem if there is such a thing. I am new to the forum and mostly unfamiliar with golf carts in general. I am a life-long mechanic and have the skills and most tools and equipment, I just need a little help figuring out what makes this thing tick. Batteries are new and charged. Lights work though they have been extensively rewired off the last two batteries and are not running off what apears to be a transformer in the system.

I get a 50 volt reading almost everywhere I test on any of the main wires in the system back to battery ground. I have voltage to and through the key switch and to and through the reverser switch, but could not get any reading off any of the three wires to the accelerator switch. The solenoid does not click even when powered directly from the batteries, but there is also no response in anything if I jump directly across the main terminals of the solenoid.
I do not have a battery load tester, so I do not know if the batteries will carry a load. They are new and appear fully charged.

I suspect that our problem is in the large controller box in the system, but I would like to be able to test everything else up to the point of saying "It's got to be the box" Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.




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be sure to post pics of your cart, we like pics