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I have a 1998 EZGO TXT 36V cart. The batteries were fully charged when the cart was parked in my unheated garage for the winter. I try to get out once a month, put the charger on to top off the batteries. I went to do that again last month, and I heard a crackling sound of sorts that was coming from the area of the charging receptacle of the cart. I unplugged it, tried again and the same sound. I waited a few seconds, tried again and it worked with no issues. The batteries topped off, and I unplugged it. I went out this week to top off the batteries again, and the charger will not kick on. My electrical wall receptacle is fine, I did check that too. I have a good charge in the batteries, and all lights come on bright, and the cart moves fine in forward and reverse. I tried a different charger, and the same thing...nothing. I even let the headlights on for a while to drain the batteries down some, just in case they were fully charged and that kept the charger from coming on. Could the cart charger receptacle be fried? I took a visual look at it, and there does not appear to be any outward signs of damage. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks


The contacts in the battery charger receptacle are called Radsoks and replacements are available. Sometimes spraying contact cleaner on them will solve the issue. I'd take the cover off of the receptacle and make sure the connections in there a good and in the DC plug also. Also check the positive and negative wires that connect to the batteries to make sure there's no problem there.