1998 Club Car DS Allsports Lift Issue - Rear Heavy Duty Springs


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hoping someone can help with this issue im running into... i am putting the hd rear springs on my new 8' lift kit from all sports and the cable that goes to the trans is in the way of the dr side rear shock.. I will try to post a pic... ok cant seem to get my work computer to get this pic on here..but anyways its the cable that goes to the f+r switch and to the back of the trans and on the turn above the exhause the cable is in a metal 90 degree bend and there is no way to get around it..? any ideas?


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Welcome to the forum viper1. I haven't had any issues with cable interference on the 8" lift. Have you installed the leaf springs yet? The 4" sometimes interferes on '03 and newer carts because of the smaller lift. On the 4" you have to shim the back of the shift cable mount bracket on the rear two bolts, but as I said, the 8" should be fine. You can call me at the shop if you need to. 866-291-5244. Ask for Steve. :hattip: