1998 Carryall VI dies when running


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I recently inherited a 98 Club Car Carryall VI. It didn't run very good when I got it. After working on it for a few weeks, I have it to the point that it will start and idle and rev the engine and it sounds and runs fine. When I go to actually drive, it behaves normally for the most part and then at seemingly random times it will just die while we are rolling. Sometimes it will run for a while (over an hour) and other times it dies after 100ft. The governor functions normally and slows the cart down a little when it hits full speed. As it is dying, it sounds like governor is kicking in but it never normalizes, it just slowly revs down to nothing. From full speed, it takes about 5 to 7 seconds to completely stop. Nothing can stop it once it starts slowing down. Pumping the gas pedal, moving the actual throttle on the carbeurator, working the choke and shifting to neutral, nothing affects it. After it dies, it wont start for a minute or two.

Starting it has also been an adventure. When I first tried starting it, the ignition worked fine. after a few days of messing with it, the start position on the key would blow the 15 amp fuse that feeds the ignition. The on position works fine and the cart shuts off when the key is turned off. I eliminated all the possible ground out spots in that circuit and it stopped blowing the fuse but it will only kick the starter every once and a while. The solenoid clicks but I have to short the terminals in order to get it to turn over, and even at that it wont start every time. And some other times, it sounds like the starter is still cranking even after the engine starts instead kicking over to generating. it doesn't happen all the time but i have to kill the engine and try a restart and that usually solves it.

I tested the voltage while it was running and just IDLING IT IS PUTTING OUT 15 TO 18 VOLTS (measured at the battery). The batter is good and i have hooked it to a charger so input voltage is not the issue. Could this be a voltage regulator issue that is causing the whole system to shut down due to over voltage? Does anyone know exactly what readings should come from each wire on the voltage regulator?

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sounds like you have a few things going on at the same time, i would pull the fuel line off at the carb and put the hose in a can and turn the engine over to make sure the fuel pump and lines are ok. it sounds like the carb needs a good cleaning, a solenoid can click and still not make contact. a new golf cart style solenoid is cheap and will eliminate a possible problem, i'm not a CC guy but 18 volts is to high on any 12v charging circuit. check the fuel flow and clean the carb and let us know what ya come up with