1997 G16A Electrical problems


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I have a 97 Yamaha G16a. Recently it has started to show some signs of age. In June I was using the auxillary power port on the cart (that I installed) and was doing some spraying that required a lot of stop and go. The cart shut down and would not crank. I walked back to the barn got the truck and trailer and went to retrieve the cart. By then it decided to start.

Recently It started mysteriously not starting again and I started into it yesterday and found a suspect ground. I then repaired what appeared to be a bad connection and after tugging on the wiring harness and messing with it the cart will not start and I cannot figure out why.

I do not have a service manual so I really truly cannot de-bug the wiring harness or the electrical components in the electrical panel. I have it loaded up now to take to a shop, but I would rather fix it myself.

Any hints or suggections would be appreciated.


Are you sure all the connections are good? Take a look at all of them and make sure the battery isnt dead. You could try jumping the solenoid and see if it cranks.


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If the cart does not turn over at all check the fuse inside the black box located between the battery and the fender well if that is good and the solenoid clicks you might check the brushes in the generator pull the little black rubber piece off there and if the brushes are worn down pass the line they are bad or you might just have a brush stuck on the commutator so take a rubber hammer and tap on the end of the generator where the brushes are and see if starts. I m a mechanic at a yamaha golf cart dealer and these are some things that happen when there is a lot of starting and stoping.