1997 EZGO Controller/Motor


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Hi! I've looked through this and another forum and am having problems finding an answer... if anyone has a link, it would be greatly appreciated!
I just bought a 1997 36V EZGO and am looking at setting up as a hunting buggy (lift, maybe upgrading motor/controller, etc). I'm trying to figure out what motor/controller that I have now so that I'll know if I can upgrade to 48V w/o buying new motor and controller. I'm not able to find any ID on motor or controller... how do I know what I have? Am I overlooking something?
Thanks for any help you may have!


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Is this a DCS or a fleet cart? (run/tow switch on controller cover = DCS)
It's hard to answer your questions without knowing what you have but I'll give it a shot. The motor should handle the 48 volts with no problems. If the controller is stock chances are it's only rated for 36 volts and won't take 48 volts. Their should be a tag on the controller with a part number. Also the controller may be marked on the bottom stating the voltage rating. What color is the controller?


Black controller is more than likely a Curtis which is what E-Z-GO uses from the factory. My guess would be it's rated for 36 volts.


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This is a '97 Series/Fleet cart:

The stock controller is under the rounded corner plastic cover, the Forward/Reverse switch assembly is under the more squared-off plastic cover.
This is a stock Curtis 36v 275a Series Controller, and a stock solenoid:

Series/Fleet F/R actuator rod:

DCS carts would have different F/R equipment, as well as the toggle switch on the controller cover.

In case you haven't guessed, I have pix of every square inch of "your" cart, so if you ever get in a bind, I can help you from Chicago!

Good luck with your build!


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OK... I've been having a LOT of computer problems and am finally back on-line. Enclosed are some pics of my cart. Can anyone tell me if this is a fleet or dcs... or anything else?
Thank you for the help!





You have a industrial utility cart and would be a series wound motor (fleet). I can tell you it's much older then 1997. Take a look by the cup holders on the right side and look for a tag with the manufactures code and serial number and post those so we can figure out what year it is.


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UH-OH... hope my lift'll still work!?!
The S/N (VIN) on it is A51161
Manufacturer Code is F597
Thanks, again, for your help!



That is an industrial vehicle called the Industrial 800.

They used the Marathon Style body for the Industrial cars until 1998.

So, you would need a lift kit for a Marathon, and be sure and replace the springs with heavy duty springs



I didn't realize they used that body until 98 on the industrial carts.
According to the manufacturer code it's a 97. Like Bob said a Marathon lift will bolt right on. What type of lift did you get?


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Thanks guys!!! I'd be toast... without this forum! I'm not sure if the lift will work, but the manufacturer asked for pic's underneath front and back... said he will be able to tell me. I sincerely appreciate the help and will post pic's as it gets further along.