1997 Club Car Model DS twin solenoids


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I recently bougth a 97 club Car DS Serial A9724-578054 that had cracked batteries that have since been replaced with brand new eight volt batteries. Cart will not go in forward or reverse. I have looked at the wiring diagrams available but they show only one solenoid. Mine has two which appear to be factory installed. The one has the red battery wire on one large post and a yellow wire on the other post. One small post has a fused red wire going to the OBC, The other small post has a blue, a Red with white stripe and a Red which goes to the other solenoid. The second solenoid has green & white wires going to each large post , the red wire from the other solenoid going to one small post and a brown wire going to the other small post. The second solenoid clicks when I turn on the key. What is the function of each solenoid? What if I jumped the red and yellow wires on the first solenoid?
The first solenoid has 50.3 volts on the large post with the red wire all the time and both small posts when I turn on the key. I am guessing one small post should be going through a switch to ground to make the solenoid work. Also the backup buzzer buzzs when the F/R switch is in R whether the key is on or not. Is that normal? I have ordered a service manual but not sure haw soon it will be here. Thanks for any help.


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you have a reagan cart the 2nd solenoid is sorta like a jake brake........the main solenoid where the pos batt cable goes to the solenoid try jumping the large post on that solenoid se if cart runs................................