1997 Club Car DS 36 Volt to 48 Volt Upgrade


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Bought the wife a 36 volt 1997 Club Car DS. She wanted something to drive around Disney's Fort Wilderness when she visits , and to use at Jeep events when she can.

Previous owner didn't use it much and let it sit too long.
I drove it around the yard and it feels like the motor is stuttering after pushing the pedal passed a certain point , so I'm not sure if its a stator issue or a battery causing what I'm feeling or a problem with the controller. Either way , she wouldn't be happy with it so I started searching upgrade options.

It currently has a set of Trojan t-105's ( Apr - 2018 dates ) and a charger that will trip after a few minutes of charging.
The motor is questionable, as are a few of the batteries at this point, and the turn signals don't operate. .

After reading through the threads and seeing what others have done, I figured I would just go with all new and upgrade it to 48 volts all at once, so I ordered a 48 volt motor from D&D, a 400 amp solenoid and a 500 amp controller.
I am waiting on some battery cable to start the electrical rebuild, and I need to find a built in charger to swap over to for the new setup.
Once everything is installed, I'll pick up some new batteries and test it all out. Hopefully I didn't miss anything.

I showed the wife some pictures of other carts on here which led to a 6" lift and some 23's showing up that I knew nothing about..
Not to mention some various usb chargers and lights and such.
She wants a back seat added and really wants to swap the front clip for a Jeep front end.


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Thanks ,

You guys have already cost me way too much, I gotta stop looking at other builds...

I'm sure I'll have many questions in the coming months.. Thanks for all the help from other posts I've skimmed over already...


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After diving into this thing further, found everything in it is already setup for 48v .
Just wish I could get more than an hour or two a week to mess with this thing.

I got the motor, solenoid , and controller installed. Still using the original wiring so I can swap out each length one at a time.
I figured that would be the easiest way so I don't screw up the layout..
Batteries should be here Friday and I should have it all back together and running by Monday.
Other than some crazy looking factory welds it's in great shape.
New stuff looks so much cleaner.


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Everything is up and running, holy fast for a cart... had to slow down everytime I got it going because the wife was freezing.
noticed some dead spots on the throttle. takes almost 1/4 pedal to get movement . then the last 1/8th or so is maxed. I'm fine with the max, just have to look into smoothing out the starting section of the pedal.

need to do an alignment tomorrow and I'll get a few speed runs in and see how fast it actually gets up to...


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Drove around Fort Wilderness the last few days.
23 mph at top speed , feels a little soft in the suspension , going to have to stiffen it up a little.
Have some issues with the pedal, dead spots, and erratic response with it. I'll try and clean it up but probably going to have to swap it out.


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Had me at “Fort Wilderness “ and “ Jeep Life “. Just got into the Cart Life for that very same reason , be there in August. 900 loop . No more renting Carts for us ! Lol . Build is coming together , still trying to figure out some things. Did u happen to add turning light kit in your build ,..... and that’s hilarious that you say things just showing up ........ I would love to come home to a lift kit and tires sitting in my porch ! Lol
p.S does the Jeep have a 6 in lift too ? Lol