1997 48 Volt Club Car DS OBC Bypass Question


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I want to bypass the OBC on a 1997 Club Car DS. They don't have blue or white wires to jump. I think the obc is locking out my controller. Is there a solution?

FL Man

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i just bypassed mine on 97 series DS. The instructions out there are for the Sepex, or regen carts. Series is very easy. The yellow wire you see in the picture is the negative feed to the computer. Cut it within a few inches of the OBC and run it back to the B- of the controller. Without the negative, it will not power on and is dead. Now cut the black wire coming from the charging port and run it directly to pack negative to allow non PowerDrive chargers to work. I replaced my PowerDrive charge port with a Nema-15 male plug so I can plug an extension directly in for my onboard charger, so I just cut the gray wire at the OBC