1996 Yamaha G16E Won't Run


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I just received a 1996 Yamaha G16E along with a seasonal campsite. The batteries hadn't been maintained properly over the winter so it took several rounds of charging to get them powered up but the cart still doesn't run. Symptoms and troubleshooting....

1.) Cleaned all contacts and replaced suspect battery cables as part of getting them charged, The pack is at about 42 volts fully charged and remained about 40 through all the testing.
2.) Turn key and press accelerator....the relay clicks but no motor movement (not even jacked up). Switching to reverse does activate the reverse beeper but still no go.
3.) Shorting the relay makes no difference
4.) I checked the accelerator resistance at the connector to the controller and it does change across each end to the center contact....I didn't record the exact readings unfortunately
5.) I manually tested the motor and the powered wheel turns (I am assuming both are not supposed to).
6.) Monitoring voltage on the motor terminal A2 shows no change when the accelerator is pressed in either forward or reverse.

To me it appears that all the inputs are working and it must be the controller but I am new to this and would like some feedback from the experts. Assuming it is the controller, I plan to replace it with a GE 36/48V, 500A G14/G16 0-1K; is that a good controller for this cart? I need something other than the $1,000 Yamaha Replacement.

TIA for whatever you can offer



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If this is a 48v cart, the battery voltage is too low to run the cart.
51v would be considered a full charge and the 45v you posted is beyond dead. If that voltage is a typo try jumping the 2 large posts on the solenoid and see if the cart runs.