1996 EZGO Won’t Go Forward or Reverse

Brooks Gregg

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We checked the batteries on our 1996 EZGO and we have the voltage. Controller is pretty new. Changed out the micro switch. When we shift into forward or reverse and hit the gas nothing happens and the golf cart won't go. All electrical seems to be working. Figured I’d reach out here for some advice. Cart is out in Yuma year around. Thanks in advance!


If your golf cart is a DCS cart (DCS will have a run tow switch under seat on top of controller cover)?
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It is a 96 series. The first thing I would check is to see if you get a solenoid activation with the key on in forward or reverse and the accelerator depressed.


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Do you here solenoid click when pressing gas pedal with key on? If you have a multimeter, put it on DCVolts and touch the 2 small terminals on your solenoid while lightly pressing the pedal with key on. If you see voltage here but hear no clicking, it's likely your solenoid is bad. If no voltage, then the problem is between solenoid activation circuit which includes, fwd / rev micro switches, key, and pedal switch. If solenoid is activating and you can hear it click, problem will most likely be ITS throttle POT, controller, or motor. You need to confirm solenoid activation before you can go any further.