1996 Club Car 48volt


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About 5 years ago I purchased a 96 club car. Last year we replaced all 8 batteries. I have a charger. The cart is in great condition. The seat is in excellent condition. It has a top and windshield that folds down. I can't remember how much we paid for it but I think it was 1600. I am looking for some opinions on how much we should list this for sale. We are ready to buy a new cart that seats 4 or 6 and I don't need 2 carts. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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You should have no problem getting what you paid for it or even a little more.
How about posting some photos and where you live.


1 year old batt. means a lot when it comes to buying a used elec. cart. You should be able to come close to what you paid for it.