1996 48v not running after long charge

Bite N Hold

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New to the forum and the info here is great!! I recently bought a 96 48v with 07 batteries. The charger never would shut off after an 8 hour charge. I talked to the guy I bought it from and he said sometimes it takes 16-20 hours ffor the 48v with high speed motors to charge. Me not knowing any better put it to charging. After 18 hours, I checked it and the charger still had not shut off. Now the cart won't run. It just clicks when i step on the gas.
Does this mean the OBC is shot or is it a selonoid or does the OBC need a reset?

Also, the motor says 3.75 hp.....I'm now thinking this is not a high speed motor. Am I wrong?
Seems like the guy I bought from was a sheister and I didn't know enough about carts and what to look for.

Any help is greatly appreciated....my kids are mad at me for "breaking the golf car" .


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A full charge cycle can take 16+ hours depending on how low the batteries are discharged and the age of the batteries. As far as the cart not running start with checking ALL your cable connections to make sure they're clean and tight. You might want to test the batteries with a digital volt meter to see if you have a battery problem.