1995 Hyundai Engine Runs but will not Go Forward or Reverse


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I bought a 1995 Hyundai HGG1 (I believe can’t find any numbers) engine runs great, 8.5 Suzuki, but will not go forward or reverse. No warnings I pulled it out of the garage and when I went to put it back it wouldn’t go forward or reverse? Any help? The clutch is engaging and shaft is turning going into to transmission. Considering all options - to include selling as is. Thanks for any help.


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I dont know if these are like other carts with splined hubs/brake drums on the rear axle, but worth checking to see if the Hub splines are sheared off. Remove the centre caps / hub covers from the rear wheels, get someone to try to drive it and see if there is a large centre nut spinning. If so, it will be what i suggested.