1995 GXT 5000 Electric

Hello to everyone here. I have been looking here for a long time and finally joined. I have been working with carts since about 2003. I currently have a 1996 & 1999 TXT Gas as my personal carts. A 1999 workhorse with a partially rebuilt motor and a 1995 GXT 5000 Electric. I am torn between keeping/selling this cart. Seriously leaning toward selling to raise some money for working on the other carts.

The history on this machine. I bought this late last summer for next to nothing. The whole cart including the charger. It is fairly good shape. It has a complete set of Trojan T-105's in it. Two of the batteries have cracked cases and the the other four will take/hold a charge but are in weakened state. It is missing the relay and the diode/resister that go with the relay. It needs a new charging input receptacle and some battery cables. It has a fixed bed on it. The seat and seatback are sun backed and have cracks. The tires are all in good condition with ample tread and no dry rot. The most not so good thing is that someone drilled two holes in the front on each side of the cowl area to install a roof.

I was curious about the EZ-Go Total Charge III . So the last time I needed some parts I went to the cart shop where I buy almost all my parts. They have a charger test stand. They plugged it in and had to wiggle the output jack to get it to kick on. The amp meter on the charger did not move when it was plugged in. The tech told me that dioides were probaly bad or there were some burned wires going to the ampmeter.(There were no brunt connections when I took the cover off.Told me how to check the dioides with a ohm meter. Said most likely the capaciter in charger would probaly be leaking, it is.

Sorry I did not post any pics. I am not a tech savvy person. Slowly working on it

My Questions
-How do I check to see if the transformer in this charger is good or toasted?
-What is the cart /charger worth based on it's current condition? 400-500? Or am I crazy? I do not see a lot of GXT's for sale in my area. I live in the the lower area of Michigan.
-If I fixed everything and recovered the seats what do you think it is worth? I am guessing if I try to get it going I will put some three to five year old batteries in it. Would it be worth 1400-1500?
-Why are the Total Charge III's so expensive? I looked on Radicals website and it was 650 for a new one. If I wanted to buy a charger I could use any EZ-36 Volt model, Correct?
-Anyone willing to guess if the motor controller is still okay? Person I bought this cart from said he thought it had been sitiing outside for 18 months. When I picked it up the seat was down so the motor/controller appeared to be covered the whole time.

Hope I did not put to much in a single post.
Thanks in advance to everyone for their help. This site is great


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Welcome to the forum.

If the charger turned on the transformer is probably ok. If the capacitor is leaking it needs to be replaced.

It's hard to say what the cart is worth in its current condition without seeing it but I'd say your close with the numbers you posted.

You can use any of the EZGO 36 volt chargers as long as you wire it for the cart. Or you could go with a aftermarket charger.

It's hard to say if the motor and controller are good but sitting outside shouldn't have hurt them seeing how you say the controller was covered. You can test the motor with 12 volts to check it.