1995 Gas Club Car LE


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Hey guys, Long time no see. Hope everyone is doing fine. I am recuperating from my 2nd back surgery. Been off work since August 6th and may not return to work for another 4 month's to never. Depends on how the surgery went and how PT goes. I may be permanently disabled. Don't know at this time. Right now I am flat out on the couch and I am suppost to stay this way till I see the doc in about 3 weeks. They fused L4 & L5 together and I also have rods and screws in. I hope this is the end of my pain. Ok, enough about that.

I traded the Yamaha I had even up for a 01 Club Car that was lifted, dash and flip rear seat. Then had an episode and ended up in the emergency room. So I sold it and my daughters cart for survival money. I felt so guiilty selling her cart, I went out and found a 1995 gas Club Car. Boy, did it need some tweaking. I put the FE290 I had, back into Sadies cart before I sold it. We put the FE350 into her cart and WOW! For a non lifted cart with machined clutches, it will BARK the tires, And reach top speed on my back road. 30.3mph @ 5350rpms. My brother and I have been doing clutches at the campground and there was 1 guy that said, if you can make my cart run like yours, I will paint it for free. Well, its painted now. Well, enough talk. Here it is. I got these from WW. THANKS BILL! Got to have my TACH and SPEEDOMETER
Sadie picked it. It is a special mix. In the sun it is as BLUE as can be. In the Shade, It
is a cool PURPLE. It is also metalflake. The FLAMES are STRAWBERRY. The tail lights
The dogs bumming cause we didn't go for a ride.
Sadie bought this at Auto Zone. She thought it would add a nice touch. I think she was right. It did.

We designed some decals for it too. The one will go where the Big Club Car one went on the front.
With all the money we made from the clutch work, I took 2/3 to pay bills and 1/3 to buy:
seat covers
Tires and Wheels (donated)
head and tail lights, running lights
Diamond plate was left over from the Yamaha
Steering wheel was recieved from labor I did on a friends cart.
Rear view mirror

I think thats it. I am now a member of the low rider club. LOL I am done with lifted carts. To hard anymore getting in and out.

what I would like to get for it yet is some chrome cut in headlights and do something about the bag holder. It is nice to carry around a couple of those chairs in a bag. I was thinking more of some type of wing coming off the back there. I also want to make some sort of front bumper. Time will tell. I hope I heal up. Its too soon to tell.



Very sharp cart! :cool: I really like the color. I've got the same tail lights on my silver TXT without the blue dots.


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Well, the graphix are on the way. Cart is locked up at the campground. Wife will not let me bring it home till I am healed enough. Daughter is thinking about either some chrome cut in lights or a titanium dash. We have a little to spend on it. My choice would be both.


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Nice job. Excellent choice of colors and the fire is very, very nice :thumbsup: Hope you get healed up so you can enjoy your cruising.



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Not too many warm days left here. I think she is waiting for it to get good and cold before I can bring it home.I have a car in the garage now with the dash almost completely out just to get to the heater core. If I can get that fixed this weekend, I can get the cart home. My brother is coming over Friday so I can hand him tools and beers. All my parts should be here tomorrow to repair a spare engine I have here for the club car.

Does anyone know where to get the good chrome head lights? BU used to have them, now all they have are the cheapies style. I want the good wrap around ones. CPP does not carry them either.


Wass, Did you ever locate the headlights you were looking for? I was looking for a set like this also and haven't had much luck. Jakes has a nice looking set but not exactly what I want.


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Thanks for the cudos guys. Cart is home now and in the shed. I think I lost intrest in it. I got things to add to it but just don't feel like it. I don't know whats wrong with me.

No, I didn't find the head lights.. I should of bought something though. I made the mistake of sitting on the extra money too long and ended up spending it on something else. A rear spoiler for my white car.


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Well, I am on. It has been a long time. I got the cart out of the shed last week and finally put the plow away. Thank God! I think we are done with snow. Well at least plowable snow. There has been a few up dates. I won't go into detail right now but lets just say this. My cart hit 37.5mph the other day. I finally got under it and did some wiring too. Just finished today. And in the house, I got the spare room, my daughters room, living room and bathroom all remodeled complete with trim, doors, wall paper border and a few other things. Our spare room now is a reading/sewing/ movie/tv room. Basicly a multi purpose room. We decided to get rid of the spare bed considering only one person has spent the night in 17years. and that was my brother. I bought a pop machine a few months ago and sold it on e-bay yesterday. I also bought a 42" LCD HDTV for the living room. I put the projector in the spare room and it is a 90" screen that you sit about 6 foot from. Works out great. I will try to get pics around in the next day or 2.

Well, that about catches everything up..... Oh, and my health is worse. I will explain later. It was a battle to get this all done. But I needed to get it done before I can no longer do it


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Yea, It seams like I got alot done but we are talking about over 3 months of work.

First off, the golf cart.
I know this guy near me that owns a tire place and he built a stretched Club Car last year and he sold it to a guy in Florida but before he sent it there, the buyer said it was too fast. It has a 20hp Kohler with High Speed 8:1 gears(ran 45mph @ 4500rpms) So before it shipped, he swapped out the rear end with a stock one. I was over there last weekend getting a set of almost new tires put on the truck and we got to talking about that cart and he said he had the rearend with the gears in it and wanted to sell it. He let me have it for $250. A long story short, I swapped mine out Sunday during the race. First test drive. 35* outside (Brrrrrr......), windshield up, enclosure down and puffed out like a parachute:

Up and down my short dead end road
Before: 30mph @ 5000rpms No windshield or enclosure
After: 35mph @ 3600rpms

Down the nearest back road 1 mile run
Before: 32.7mph @ 5340rpms No windshield or enclosure
After: 37.5mph @ 3950RPMS

The gears made a great improvement on accelleration too. It knocked the power band down from 3700-4100rpms to 3300-3600rpms where it has the most power.

No pictures on the swap. No biggy on it. Today, I finally got around to wiring up the brake lights and turn signals. I have a few pics and a short video of them working. But first I need to update the stuff I worked on before I put it in the shed. I did get the decals cut by Tom at CPP. I also made a front bumper and painted the back bumper. Cleaned up the dash too. So here we go.


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I used to know a fella named Jerry......

Glad to see ya back! Interesting results on the cart. Should make the motor last a bit longer!