1995 EZ GO DCS wont run


Hey guys im frustated, have a 1995 36 volt EZ GO DCS Medalist with metal body, Cart started surging then pick up and go again then it quit all the sudden. found a cable loose and pushed it in to the shed then put on new cable and cart would not run, pushed it while the tow switch in run position for about 600 yards after i put new cable on it i found out the wire on the brushes were burnt into.
Put new brushes in and now i have no Selinoid click or nothing. could the conroller be fried as well. Went thorugh the testing procedures for a DCS and getting power to the pins on the controller. but still have nothing no selinod click even if i jump across the to main terminals get a little spark and the resister gets hot. sill no click even with the peddle pressed. all batterys are good checked with volt meter. PLEASE ALL YOU CART SMART PEOPLE HELP> Also how do i check the motor to see if the brushes are ok


You don't have to push a DCS cart far with the switch in the run position to damage the controller and or motor. Jumping the solenoid in a DCS cart can also blow the controller. From what you're describing I'm leaning toward a bad controller.

To check the brushes you need to pull the motor and look at them. You can test the motor with 12 volts to make sure it's working.