1995-36 volt E-Z Go


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my 1995 EZ-Go- 36 volt charger will run for about 2 hours when the batteries are really low. It will then shut off when the gauge on the charger reads 15 amps. If I plug it in again, it shuts off after 1/2 hour. And it is not fully charged. My batteries are 2 months old and there is a new board in the charger. In fact this is the 2nd board, we replced it to make sure the charger was working properly. The batteries were on the shelf for 6 months before I bought them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Bill, don't know how to fix that the right way. But, you can take the charger cover off and locate the black relay in the floor of the charger (lower left), the two wires connected here can be jumpered together and this will bypass the timer. Charger won't shut off until you unplug, but want shut off early!