1994 Medalist 4stroke Electrical Issues


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Got a 1994 EZGO Medalist 4stroke that my son drives around the farm. Voltage regulator went out and was over charging battery. Did not know there was a problem until the battery was boiled dry. Replaced voltage regulator and battery. It would turn over but had no spark. I replaced the cdi box but still no spark would it have burned out the coil as well or what else can I check?


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If your charging system was overcharging, it is quite likely the Igniter is fried. New OEM ones are obsolete and most of the aftermarket ones available do not do well. I cannot recommend a suitable replacement as I am in the UK, but someone will be along soon to advise.
It is unlikely that the coil is fried too. If you know how to use an impedance meter the coils and other parts can be tested but the igniter cannot.