1994 ez go clicking


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just picked up eze go 1993-94 golf cart electric needed batteries installed new batteries and only get a click no movement at all, get backup alarm but nothing else can i just soneloid??? or is there a way to jump motor to see if its good???


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HI'Welcome to the forum. if you have a series wound motor. you can check it by 1st spraying the four studs with penetrating oil use 2 wrenches one to hold jam nut. remove the four cables, mark them as you will have to put them back on sooner or later.JACK UP REAR END PUT ON JACK STANDS FOR SAFETY! put a jumper wire from a A terminal to a S terminal EXample A1 to S1 then hook up a 12 volt battery or 12 volt battery charger in the 15+amp range to the remaining terminals Example A2 to S2. I PUT THE NUTS BACK ON the terminals before i hook up the charger or battery so the threads on terminal bolts dont get messed up by any arcing from connections. i found this info in this forum and i use all the time to check carts out. if you have a shunt motor you will have to ask someone else in the forum. again welcome O.C.F.