1993 G9A won't run


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I have a 1993 Yamaha G9A gas model that will not turn over. I was told that there is a fuse on the negative side however cannot find it. I put a volt meter on the solenoid and there is 13.9 volts going in but no voltage coming out when I push the accelerator. Do I have a bad solenoid or are there any other ideas.


Fuses for this cart are on the rear drivers side wheel well under the rear body.

and some are next to the starter relay.

You need to check for control power to the relay when stepping on the gas pedal you will have 12volts to relay (small wires).

If the backup buzzer works you have control power.

The starter on these are known for starter brushes wearing out (same as clubcars).


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You could jump the solenoid to find out if it is a solenoid contact problem. If you press on the gas, do you hear a "click" coming from the solenoid? If none, it is also possible that you have incomplete circuit. Also check if you have adequate ground. The A1 terminal of your starter gen should be connected directly to the negative battery terminal.


Thanks for that reminder.

Always check for ground on the g9 carts.

I forgot to mention that (factory bulletin) for these as I normally do.

Even if it has a ground put the jumper in (from neg battery terminal to valve cover bolt).

These wire harnesses lose the control power ground ( small wire next to ground cable at starter).

It needs to be 12 ga. It is only for control and no starting current passes through this.

If it gets hot then you will need to repair the heavy ground cable. (rare)