1993 G9 Gas, lifted cart for sale - CHEAP


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I have a 1993 (according to serial #) lifted Yamaha G9 golf cart I'd like to sell. BUT, before you get all excited, let me tell you a little about it first!

This cart has an older Kawasaki 400cc (KZ400) bike engine installed in it. I don't know much about the lift, but I think it's lifted 3". The cart itself is in fair to good condition, but will need an engine hatch for the seat finished. The front of the seat hatch fiberglass was cut to get the engine headers to clear. The seats and seat frame are in fine condition. The engine runs wonderful and has good compression. It has Harley Davidson exhaust. Tires (20x10 titans) are in good shape. Steering is good. Brakes are good. It has a wood grain dashboard, which should be replaced with a metal dash at some point. (this holds the gauges and switches in the drivers side dash). The only problem with the cart is something is wrong with the rear end. It doesn't appear to go into gear and I don't have the time to look into the problem.

This cart is either a builder cart or you can buy it as a parts cart. But the whole cart needs to go. First $900 gets it! Also, I won't ship it, so plan on picking it up in Mid-Virginia. Email me for pictures: [email protected]