1993 G8JA


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I have a 1993 Yamaha Model G8AJ. It has lost it's power..runs slow. Since I know how to do very little for it:
- I have checked/cleaned air filter -not dirty
- I thought I added too much oil because it does burn oil, so I drained it all and added 1 quart.
- I changed the spark plug
- I thought we had replaced the fuel filter a few years back but I cannot find it if it has one and I do not have a manual. The part seems to exist and I have a note about buying one -is there one? If so, where is is it?
- It runs really hot right now too (lift seat there is smoke/steam from exhaust) I am wondering if it is a problem with the exhaust as it makes a popping sound when it starts in reverse (only) then stops making that sound. It did that a few months before losing power.

- Is there a fuel pump? - How to test? I have not tried any fuel additive or fresh fuel yet.

It has a history of blowing smoke when it takes off. It does not do that now, it just barely moves. When I jacked it up to see how it runs you can tell it's doggy, but throttle seems to engage fully. Belts and clutch were replaced 3 years ago.

Anyway, what are the possibilities here? I am thinking fuel or exhaust. I hoping it is not rings but someone else told me it could be considering it's smoking history. I am just trying to do what I can on my own and then might sell as is if can't fix myself.



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You should do a compression test first then go from there. No sense replacing parts until you know if it's the rings.


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How do I do a compression test? Would it be cheaper to take it somewhere for that or is there test equipment I can buy and do it myself?


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I have never seen a compression tester but assume it has a readout/gauge. What kind of numbers am I hoping for? I saw a video online of one but it was on a mowerr engine --looks like it connects to the spark plug?

If the rings are shot, what is the average expense to repair --at a shop?

Thanks again everyone.