1993 EZGO Marathon Troubleshooting - Service Manual


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Hello, just joined site. A friend gave me a 1993 EZGO Marathon golf cart. I've got useable batteries in it and they charged up just fine. Cart does not move. The only thing I get is the backup buzzer. I have never worked on a golf cart before so I'm a little lost on the overall troubleshooting process. I hate to spend $80 on a service manual yet until I at least decide if this is a worthy project. Can anyone direct me to a set of basics steps to test various components?



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Take voltage readngs on each battery with a digital meter and post those results.

Does the solenoid click when you press the throttle?


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HotRodCarts - Thanks for your help. Battery voltages are 6.15, 6.04, 6.15, 6.09, 6.18, 6.20. No click from solenoid. I was told that cart was running, just needed batteries so I got an old set from local golf course with just enough life left to diagnose cart.

I am concerned that maybe there is a wiring problem. Checked key switch. Disconnected and checked with ohm meter. Switch works, but both wires feeding switch have full voltage on them when disconnected from switch. When I say full voltage, I mean 12V when using chassis as ground or 36V when using last battery negative terminal.

Also checked solenoid. All four terminals show full voltage. Any thoughts? I am guessing that I need to find the service manual (25122-G1) to confirm wiring.