1993 EZGO Marathon Cart


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I am new to the forum and carts. I have spent some time reading about batteries and charging. I was given a 1993 EZGO Marathon for Xmas. It seems to be clean and in good condition. Batteries are Trojan T 105 and I was told they are 2 years old. It came with an EZGO Textron charger model 20484 (1988?).

I am trying to verify if the batteries are good. I measured the individual voltage of each battery after a full charge (not under load). I am getting 6.3 volts on every battery except the battery that has a connection to the panel that controls the forward and reverse. This battery also seems to be connected to the front lights (no other accessories) . That voltage is 6.0. I have a copy of the SOC chart (very helpful)

1. Is the method I used to check the batteries correct? I have a copy of the "ehow.com" article entitled "how to check a Golf Cart for bad batteries", but I did not want to purchase a hydrometer and get that "involved".

2. The charger looks like it is on it's death bed. Is there a charger someone could recommend for this cart. I believe it uses an anderson plug.

3. I have read that folks have purchased a separate 12 volt battery to run accessories. Any idea where I would mount the battery this on this model?

Thanks so much for the help



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If the battery that has the lower voltage has accessories connected to it that's why it has the lower reading. If it was my cart I would charge that battery with a 6 volt charger until it comes back up to 6.30 volts. Then I would rotate it with another battery from the pack.

Depending on your accessories you may be able to get by with a small 12 volt battery like a tractor or motorcycle battery under the seat. The only other easy option with a Marathon is to locate it in the bag well.