1992 Marathon Front Suspension Questions


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I'm trying to rebuild the front end on my wife's EZGO Marathon cart because everything is worn out. I'm having issues finding the parts for it. So far, I've gotten outer tie rod ends and I was also able to find the inner tie rod assembly that connects to the steering. What I'm wondering is if other years will work on her model? For example, a TXT or something similar.

I also have a very odd feature I haven't seen doing research. This cart came with a steering stabilizer (pic attached). There is a part number on it but I wasn't able to find a replacement.

Any help would be great. Thanks!stabilizer.jpg


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Crossover parts will depend on what you are looking for. The TXT steering is completely different in most areas. That steering damper is likely a home made modification and looking at the angle it is set at, probably not really doing a lot anyway. You could try removing it and seeing if it makes much difference or just find a damper of similar length and change it out.