1992 Ezgo Gas 2 Stroke


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Hi guys looking for some help, got this cart from my late father it had intermittent starting I changed the brushes on the starter generator tested it before I put it back in and took it out and tested again. I've been through this thing for hours. I replaced all three microswitches, have a question about the new ones why do they have 3 terminals, are all three used?
I've replaced the solenoid it clicks but nothing. the only thing that works is the reverse buzzer lol. any ideas would be appreciated.


When the solenoid clicks do you have 12 volts on all of the gen terminals? Could be the F&R switch that controls direction is bad.


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So turn the key on cart is In forward the top terminal gets power 12.54 volts.
All terminals on the gen are getting power each at 12.33 volts.
The cart has a cable ground strap
1 connected to the the engine 1 to the frame and the other to nothing, where does that go?