1991 G9A yamaha


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Have a 1991 G9A yamaha cart. Have to pull the choke out to get full speed, please help what is the problem????


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I'd start with taling the carb apart and clean it. Make sure the air filter box is sealed every where. Check gas lines for cracks. Check fuel filter.


Look for a cracked intake manifold. (plastic)

These were common failure (check with starting fluid).

These also had a pilot jet rework (poor off idle acceleration) located on top of the carb.

Let me know what the 3 digit number is and I will be able to tell you

if you have the correct one.

Run an ngk b4es plug instead of the 5. These have the weakest ignition systems

I have ever worked with.

Also if the airbox is not sealed the engine will run lean and you will need to

choke it so it will run.

Check for all 4 rubber straps and make sure there isn`t a hole in the bottom

of the airbox from running over something.