1991 Ezgo


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Recently got 1991 EZGO...want to make it street legal....needs to be able to go at least 20MPh & no more than 25 MPH. Been looking on line at supply houses and confused. Limited budget!! Saw 4hp motor that says will get 21 MPH with stock controller, for arround $500, also thinking about going to 4 guage wiring. Any experience with this ?? Or am I waisting my money and will have to go all the way with larger motor, controller,wires ,ect ...seems to run arround $1200. Any suggestions for a limited budget ???
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Is the cart controller or resistor?

I'd suggest a be a EMP motor. That will get you between 20 - 25 MPH. I'd also upgrade all cables to 4 guage and Heavy Duty Buss Bars in the forward and reverse switch. Your looking at around $500.00 doing it this way.


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Cart has a stock controller. Not to be too stupid...but what is a EMP Motor??