1991 EZGO Marathon Smokes After Warm


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I am very lucky to have recently been givin a 1991 ezgo marathon. It was owned by my father in laws father. After washing it up, it’s in mint condition.

After a new battery and a new fuel it seems to drive very well, that is until it get warmed up. After about 4 or 5 blocks she starts to smoke like crazy after the engine is warm.....like smoke the street out!

Does the oil injector require adjustment?

Any other ideas?

Thank you,


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Most likely the muffler has a lot of oil settled in it, most guys disconnect the oil injector system and run premixed fuel. Those oil systems are a problem in the older carts, it may still smoke for a while until the oil burns out. I have removed many of those mufflers and burned them in a campfire etc in order to dry them out:twocents:


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This cart is a champion, it seemed to fit right in it’s new trail environment instead of the golf course. No smoke all weekend.

Now to figure out which upgrades will best suit the trail riding. With out taking away any much needed power