1991 EZGO Marathon Slow In Forward Fast In Reverse


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I recently obtained an electric, 1991 EZGO Marathon, serial 613899, manufact 06291 with solid state controller.

I picked up a service manual and checked every connection and verified all wiring. The car goes very slow in foward (2-4) mph, in reverse the car flies (10-12) mph.

I am new to this and just starting to learn my way around.. any ideas or suggestions would be great!



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well, im not to up on such an old cart but i have seen posts referring to the directional lever, maybe the contacts in the controller are not making a solid contact? just a thought, hope this helps, the experts should'nt be to far behind. :thumbsup:


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Thanks. I've checked the F&R contacts they are all making contact and clean, not sure if there would be more to it. I replaced the forwared microswitch..

I'm wondering if the POT Box could be wired backward, thats pretty much the only thing I didn't check.

It basically behaves as if going in reverse is forward and going forward is half speed in reverse.. seems like it should be something simple.

Thanks for the post, I'll wait on the experts..