1991 ez go electric cart


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I recently bought a 91 ez go electric golf cart. It had six dead 6 volt batteries in it. I replaced them with 3 12 volt deep cell marine batteries. First off, is this ok to do? The cart runs good on flat ground but will barely pull hills. Do I have some kind of torque problem or is it because the way I did the batteries? Please help!! Thanks


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The biggest problem with using 12v batteries in place of 2x6v is that they do not have any staying power and may lack the reserve power required for torque.
3 things you can do to help your torque issue:
1) Clean and tighten all of your battery connections
2) Replace the 12v batteries with decent 6v, purpose built, golf cart batteries
3) Upgrade the battery and FNR switch and motor cables to 4ga from the standard 6ga.