1991 Columbia Par Car Has No Spark Won't Start


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I just bought a 91? Par Car today just to screw around on. They said it had no spark. I figured I bought it for only 200 so it would be a good project to work on here and there. I found myself being curious and spending the last 4 hours working on it. I found there is a little issue with the key. It needs to be just perfect or it will not go and turn the motor over *forward*. Reverse works fine. Small issue, replacing the key.
My question is as soon as you flip the switch to forward or reverse, the generator starts. This seems very odd to me because I am just use to a ezgo. Push the petal and it starts the generator not the key itself. Their problem was they were looking for spark then while the generator was turning. I found spark while the generator was turning the motor, "and" I pushed down on the pedal. That is when I got spark. Is this right for a 91 par car? On the left side of the back under the fender there is a tag that says VIN: 2L-20400-D1. They told me it was a 91. I know people are posted serial numbers but I have not yet located that number. Any help in this matter or a simple, "thats normal for a par car" would be great and info on the year would be great as well for future part searches.


The cart is a 91 (D1=1991). As far as I know the cart shouldn't try to start until you press the gas pedal. It sounds like you have a bad micro switch, solenoid or someone has changed the wiring.


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You geru you. Well the solenoid coming off the battery has power to both posts and I thought that was kind of odd with the key off but I wasn't sure. I have a wiring diagram for 83-91, but it shows a four post solenoid.
I did find the following post.

"My car runs without me pressing the accelerator. What's going on?
The solenoid may be sticking in the "on" position, never allowing the car to rest. Listen for a click when you turn the key on. If there is one, the solenoid may be faulty. The solenoid should not click until the pedal is depressed. Also, listen for a click when you release the pedal. If there is no click, the solenoid is sticking in the ‘ON’ position. This will cause lots of problems such as the car running away or heat build up causing melting and burning. This problem is most common on E-Z-GO pre-90 model cars. Click here to see our solenoid selection.
The accelerator micro switch may be out of adjustment causing the solenoid to stay on while the key is in the "on" position. Put the foward and reverse lever in the "neutral" position. Remove the seat and slowly press the accelerator pedal down. Listen for a low, almost inaudible, click when the pedal first moves and another click as it returns to the rest position. If there are not two clicks, especially a first one, the accelerator micro switch is never really shutting down to turn off the car. The adjustment will vary depending on the type of car, but will basically involve adjusting the arm to properly activate and deactivate the micro switch. When the switch is off, there will be no current to the solenoid. When the switch is on, it will allow current to the solenoid. Click here for a variety of micro switches."

My generator starts turning with the key but no spark until the pedal is pressed. When I push the pedal I hear the click for the pedal solenoid clicking on and off when I push down the pedal so I don't think the problem is there. And like I said I have power on both posts with the key off.