1990 EZGO Marathon Restore Build


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Hey guy's and gal's

I got a 1990 ez marathon.. It was a rusted up dented up junker ... I have it on the rebound now. I'll post some pictures of my rebuild shortly.

Im still looking for a pair of rear fenders
Front cowl (metal part)
one front stock shock ..

Things im looking for deals on are

Tire and wheel package low profile street tires
Head light cowl and headlights
some type of cool dash
steering wheel



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could not find rear fenders ....
I got 10 solid hrs into banging out a huge dent and lots of little ones ... Its pretty dang straight now .... little more work on prep and it will be ready for primer ...


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well he is doin' a good job so....

old is on its way but i'm still able to drag my club to and fro.