1990 EZ GO Marathon


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My problem is the golf cart would only go about 3-5 MPH before I changed the batteries.I bought new batteries and its still going about 3-5 MPH with the new batteries installed.It can go up some hills(this is on my farm)Hills of Grass,Rock,Dirt,and road at about 2MPH.Also I can hear tiny clicking from the back of the cart when going forward.(that may be a clue I don't know) Ive been told to test the controller,Pot Box,and Motor.What do you think it is? What do you think I should test or do? Could I also have instructions on what you think I should do (How to do it)

My name is Matt

Thank You Very Much



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Test the pot box and motor first. If the clicking you hear is coming from the motor it could be worn brushes or a bad armature.