1990 club car


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Hi you all, another newbe here.

I have a 1990 Club Car which won't start. Was backing out of my garage and it suddenly quit.

I hadn't changed the fuel filter in quite a while, so I changed that along with replacing all the fuel hoses. After doing that,
it fired right up. Took it for a spin around the block (a mile or so) and it ran fine.

The next day, was going to go to our local shopping center, and it wouldn't start. Checked the fuel system out and that was working fine. Then checked the ignition system as best as I knew how. End result was no spark. Had a new spark plug on hand, installed that, still no spark.

I've read a number of posts regarding no spark, but didn't run across any that addressed the 1990 341cc Club Car.

There were lots of references in the post's I read that referenced a rev limiter problem. Not sure where to locate that on this engine and not sure I have one of these.

Appreciate any help you folks may offer.


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that engine has a coil mounted on the outside of the blower housing,
there are small wire attached to this coil dis connect the one that
does not come from inside the housing. if it starts then you have a
wiring/switch problem on the cart. if it does not start replace the coil