1990 Club Car


I know I haven't posted much or even been here much but I have a new project in the garage and it's going to be red I think.
I have been playing with a 1990 C/C and I have been doing some body work, nothing major you know just trying my hand at some small stuff.
Cleaned it up good and did a little moding too! I hooked the reverse up to all 36 volts and as the pictures show I added a set of 13" wheels and tires off a VW. No spacers well except a few washers to get the right look.
This was it when I brought it home over Christmas.

Here is the wiring, as far as I know it's the factory wires. Can't say for sure but it looks right.

36 volt V-glid

Coils wired to V-Glid

Batteries and the cables. If you look close the green wire hooked up to the main + battery for full revers.

Now it's been stripped down and cleaned.

This is the stuff I used to fill the holes and crack. It was real easy to use and it dries like rubber in about 20 minutes depending on temp. You can sand it in 1 hr.




Here are a few mods for ya'
13" wheels & tires off a VW.

I took the black inner fender's out so it has plenty of clearance. I had to cut the inner lip of the flar so it wouldn't rub.


I have this old V-Glide that has the housing broke so I plan to swap it out with the one in the cart and I have a old 36 volt controller for a Ezgo that I will use. I found how to make it read 0-50K by reversing the wires.


Here is the batteries and their numbers with the full 36 volt reverse shown.

I will be adding to this thread as I go with mods and paint and such. Stay tuned in for the finish.
I've even thought about putting the Mud Buggie motor and batteries in it...Ha!!!


I bought it at the local auto paint store. $30.00 for that bottle and a small tube of hardner.

I will be sure to keep you updated. I think it's going to be painted orange.